Are aquarians and scorpio compatible

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman

He cares about you if he picked you to be with, but with Aquas and esp men get turned off if you cling, get jealous, controlling, or try to restrict their freedoms and we are checking out. It gets annoying to always have to validate that we care. I prefer to keep it light, tease each other, play around, cuddle after we fuck.

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I will say that I think this match is interesting. Not all the time, but majority. And there are three reasons an Aquarius cheats: 1. They are rebelling. To get even. Another reason scorpios are attracted to us is that we can play that revenge is the best medicine card too.

So there is nothing which can save a relationship between scorpio man n Aquarius woman huh. I really need him at my side forever. You can make anything work as long as the other person is just as committed to making things work. We appreciate emotional honesty. As a matter of fact, we place a very high value on honesty because honesty is the cornerstone to building a relationship full of trust and loyalty — the essential ingredients in making a relationship work with a Scorpio.

I will fucking slit your neck. I can be dark and evasive, Scorpios are too soft and lightweight. Ok thank you finally a positive reply on Scorpio man Aquarius woman relationship. I never knew we were supposed to be so incompatible. I love the di erence he likes to go places do things and challenges me intellectually. And intimacy is the best ive ever experienced. Unselfish always. Ive been in the same boat 4 the past yr n half… keep saying no more n breaking it off but then he reels me back in again..

I can totally relate to that last part of your post lol and currently dating an Aquarius, dealing with our ups and downs as well but still willing to commit.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

As long as the ups outweights the downs. Hey hey..

This one especially Kita. I just recently met an Aquarius. He moved fast like 0 to As soon as I did. He lost his drive to win my heart over because I gave it a chance. At that point it started to be a turn off for me because I was now the last thing he wanted back to zero. Done done and doner! So far I have not been compatible with Gemini, Aquarius, or Sagittarius. All toxic so far. However great friends after the storm.

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Scorpio and Aquarius could be going in extremes, while expecting change from one another. Their fixed quality won't allow it to come easily and their emotional. Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio zodiac signs.

Wow, same thing with me! Opening up, giving me his affection and love, when almost suddenly, when I let my guard down, it stopped. He became constantly hurt by my actions blamed me for not doing this even if I knew it would hurt him, being perfectly punctual, to the point where I was walking on eggshells. What happened to the man who was so madly in love with me and needed me?

Talked about kid names and eloping. My birthdate is 16 nov , I am really in love with a Aquarian girl.

Are there any chances of having her in my life? I love her to infinity and beyond. I can tell you that you have to be patient. Just sit her down one day and talk, about anything. I enjoy when my Scorpio solely focus on me during that time. Just try to make her feel OK with her awkward feelings.

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Yes she can love you back with the same passion and maybe even more. You might have to teach her how to express her feelings. There is a chance, a very good chance!! We met in high school and briefly dated but.. I felt as though my feelings were too intense for that young of an age so we just awkwardly stopped talking to each other. The intensity was still there.

What can you do to get her? In the end, I chose him — of course I did, I love him like crazy; I chose to go to a local school and get a place of my own. I love a smooth transit. Aquarius and scorpios r so complicated. We both feel like we met each other already but we never have. I still think about him all the time and I know he is thinking of me but I will never be a home recker. He could of sworn we met but I know we never have.

Do Scorpio and Aquarius Make a Good Match?

Try to show ur love to her ur feelings to her and keep try to tell her that u r really care about her and deeply love her from heart…. On point. My Aquarian fiance and I have been good friends for 6 years before becoming romantically involved about a year and a half ago. He has been raised by a Scorpio, so we both demonstrate both Aquarian and Scorpio traits.

One tip for being with an Aquarius: be positive. This is true for any relationship, but especially necessary for this union. It will not only help your relationship, but also many other dimensions of your life.

Aquarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility

This is beautiful and gives me so much hope. My aquarius boyfriends mom is a cancer water sign like scorps. He sort of balances me out, which can be frustrating sometimes for us scorpio extremist. I am an Aqurius woman that I love my Scorpio man. I recently saw that I would seem emotionally detached to him and he would feel bad about it, and he would question how I feel towards him.

Its not that I want to seem detached, its that Aqaurians tend to think about many things we got lost in our thoughts and seem to get detached. All i want to say about this is if your Scorpio dating a Aquarius, understand our personalities, im sure the Aquarius means well. Do not get so mad at us quickly, see our point of view, and just because we have opposite gender friends and extremely friendly to them does not mean we dont have a special place for you.

I am in love in love with an aquarian man but he says due to some social traditions and some customs he cant marry me.. I am also in love with aquarian man.. How can the relationship be successful both emotionally and physically?

Aquarius Scorpio Love Compatibility

Their high capacity for thought and emotion make them odd ducks, difficult to understand. It's been a year and she is still in my mind. What's the benefit of dating someone with a different sign? Updated on September 18, I miss her, love her the list can go on. Compatibility Calculator.

I absolutely love this sign, and although my past marriage failed I know it was because of the stubbornness, and the fact that my husband thought I was trying to control him by refusing to let him to behave destructively. However, I just met an Aquarius man and we are completely in tune with each other. Artistic, driven, motivated, understanding, intelligent, funny, attentive- even though he is very busy allllll the time lol, supportive, spontaneous, he seems sooooo perfect.

He had a really bad experience with a Taurus so I think he can deal with anything that comes from me as Taurus is Scorpios polar opposite.


Wish me luck! Hey ive been In a relationship w a scorpio for three years im Aquarius. I find he always forgives me… Ive done bad things lol our love is so strong like a magnet!! No one understands the bond be patient w each other the sex is amazing he thinks he owns me lol we understand each other by eyes that s how we communicate through stares. One of us fell fast for eachother dk who it was I think him goodluck best combo no matter what anyone says:.