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Francis Dunnery

The Celtic Shaman

Looking for more of a meaningful entertainment experience, rather than the one dimensional music industry, in Dunnery initiated a series of intimate House Concerts combining Psychology, Philosophy, Astrology and music. The shows have become an international phenomenon.

Francis Dunnery is impossible to pigeonhole and The Francis Dunnery experience is a complete one off that will have you laughing, crying, thinking and knowing all at the same time. Many have said Dunnery's concerts are life changing and unlike anything they have experienced before. Venue Information: Tin Angel 20 S. There are currently no videos.

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Francis Dunnery [Interview]

I was exactly like this when I was a kid but now, at the ripe old age of fifty, I have gradually developed taste! There are secrets to all age groups who play music, invisible things that matter to the sound and feeling tones of the music. What have been some of the most rewarding aspects of doing your living room shows? I am a multi-dimensional artist.

Crossover Prog • United Kingdom

TAKE THE FEAR OUT OF LIFE: The Astrological Building Blocks of Human Behavior. Ever wondered what makes people do what they do? Ever met someone. See more of Francis Dunnery on Facebook. will be available for Astrology readings in January in Malvern, Pennsylvania. One of the richest and mostinsightful things that I have done in recent years and one of the best thingsmy husband Larry and I have done together as a couple, is.

I shoot film, write blogs, build websites, play electric guitar, sing and I also love to tell stories. If you played death metal when you were 19 then you have to continue playing death metal even when you are House concerts gave me a platform in which I could be intimate with 40 or 50 people and share my life experience with them AND sing songs. House concerts have been the best musical experience of my life because I can express more of myself than I can at a rock gig.

Do you believe that the way we respond to music emotionally is innate or learned?

Is it possible to raise children to believe minor chords are happy and major chords sad, or do those intervals provoke an innate reaction? FD: Obviously psychology is split down the middle on this issue. Behaviorists would say that you are simply a product of what happens to you, and the humanists say that you are born with certain innate patterns already built in.

Francis Dunnery (music/astrology)

More than anything I believe that life is empty and meaningless and we are meaning-making machines. Who they think they are is getting killed by who they really are.

Have you ever prescribed certain genres or albums to people who are anxious, depressed, etc.? The early Genesis music was a very personal thing. I would get lost in it. I think a lot of real Genesis fans who liked the music between and got lost in it also.

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Peter Gabriel has Neptune in the third house and his natural ability to have people transfixed by his stories is evident in his career. Especially very early Genesis. As a relatively rare prog rock fan and guitarist from our generation, have you felt over the years like you had been appointed as a prog apologist?

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It helped her to change her perceptions and she wanted to share experiences so that others could do the same in their everyday lives. Mind, Body, Spirit is the trend. We are now mixing meditating, taking supplements, eating raw, vegan, high alkaline, and low yeast along with exercise like Surf Set Fitness, Soul Cycle and Kundalini Yoga. But what New Yorker has time to be sick?

Eat right, exercise three times a week, seeing your doctor and getting proper sleep is not enough. Join the millions and keep up with the stories shaping entrepreneurship. Sign up today.

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