Solar eclipse 19 january 2020 horoscope

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Labor is rewarded, while idleness is sanctioned.

Solar Eclipse January 12222 Astrology

It is good for taking exams, tending to herbivorous animals and all types of industriousness. It is very good for gardening and widows. Bad for funerals because of the risk of epidemics and sudden death, though, and all projects in progress should be worked on instead of being put aside. Sun conjunct Mercury means the main focus of the January 10 lunar eclipse is on thinking and communications but also trade and transport.

The Sun, Saturn and Pluto are masculine and authoritarian. This leaves the emotions of the Moon very vulnerable.

Your January Horoscope:

At the personal level, thoughts and words are likely to become cold, calculated and ruthless. Feelings will take a back seat to harsh realities as bullies, bigots, and loudmouths gain the upper hand. The lunar eclipse on fixed star Castor increases emotional sensitivity and nervous anxiety. At the global level, freedom of speech and the independence of the media will be curtailed by governments and even multinational organizations. The public, represented by the Moon, will be subject to lies and propaganda.

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Even freedom of movement and freedom of association will be threatened as rulers and states increase their grip on power. Human rights will be lost in the name of national security. However, full moon January trine Neptune gives some hope that a sense of compassion and humanity will soften the oppressive nature of this lunar eclipse. On a personal level, you can draw on your faith and the support of loved ones. At the global level, it gives voice to religious and spiritual leaders, humanitarian organizations and environmental groups.

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The January 10 lunar eclipse combines with the December 26 solar eclipse to form an eclipse phase that lasts until the lunar eclipse on June 5, The December solar eclipse was conjunct Jupiter so is very fortunate. But combined with this ruthless lunar eclipse it suggests the strong will consolidate their power, the rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer. If the Lunar Eclipse January astrology directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Any wounds which need healing will feel much soothed once Venus shifts into your love zone at the end of March. The conjunction recurs on June Monthly Calendar. Watch out for a major communications mix-up between you and your lover in July, however, when Mars squares up to Uranus and one or both of you leaps to the wrong conclusion. Click for detailed diagram Partial Lunar Eclipse of July

For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits. This asteroid is the higher, more positive vibration of Neptune. Poseidon was also god of earthquakes and horses. Could this transit be a sort of indicator as to the overall outcome of public discontent there? My natal Venus is at You once told me that my venus was a key player on my chart so would it help the moon or make it worse?

As the last eclipse in Leo, this is your chance to follow your heart, finding work that inspires passion and ignites your soul. During this growth month, you'll also see psychic abilities getting sharper. Aren't you curious to know what your lover or boss is thinking? You can find out. Happy, evolutionary January, Scorpio! Sag, I know it's January and everyone is geared up for the new year at work, but you're itching for some fun! Your 5th house of creativity, joy, romance, and kids including your own inner child , is getting an infusion of Mars energy. Indulge in this levity; we don't want you stuck in FOMO.

Reignite passion into your relationship. If single, start swiping left and a choose a few. On January 5th, the solar eclipse of the year falls into Capricorn which rules your 2nd house. This means renewed attention on self-worth, talents, and money. These areas of your life have been undergoing change for a while now. With this Eclipse, there is renewed opportunity for improvement. Capricorn is calling you to get even more disciplined.

Sag, you are a natural business person even if you haven't realized it yet.

Stand in your value, leverage your talents, and reach your highest potential in the work arena. Saturn will help deliver boundless rewards if you do! And while it may not come easily to you, get really focused on your finances and make sure compensation matches your worth. It's time to be fiscally responsible. Put yourself on a budget and tighten the belt.

You've got 18 months to figure this out and I'm so excited for what lies ahead. On January 21st, a Full Moon lunar eclipse, think the moon on steroids, lands in Leo and activates your 9th house, of travel, higher learning, spirituality, and law. Given these natural affinities, get even more inspired. Explore different philosophies, take a class, go on an exotic vacation; just learn something new.

Sag, if you feel the financial restrictions from the new budgeting, go back out and play; it will ease any pain. Cheers, Cap, to a fantastic birthday month! Or, show yourself as a controlling, cold, snobbish bore? Obviously choose the first one, love. Cap, you do not always have to be right, give in a little. Tend to your health to make sure you keep getting better with age, like a fine Bordeaux.

No playing the lone wolf this birthday month; get out there; socialize and be seen. Do it in style. Single Caps, this is the year to meet your special someone. On January 21st, the last Full Moon Eclipse—with mighty strength—falls in Leo, activating your 8th house of finances, sex, and inner transformation. Work hard.

Your Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They’ll Affect Your Life

Play hard. Enjoy the pleasure. Find and relish in joy. Leo insists. It's the last eclipse in Leo until so don't let it go to waste. You should also tune in and make sure you're happy and balanced.

It will be an amazing start to an amazing year. Get to it, Capricorn! Get your warrior on, Aquarius! This powerful combination of Aries and Mars lights up your 3rd house which governs the attitude and mind. You are known for brilliant ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and yes, some inane musings too. You'll have a zillion ideas percolating at once; your brain will run at lightning speed and the rest of us may not be able to keep up.

So, you can get impatient, even argumentative. Don't do that! Instead, share your ideas—patiently and with kindness. Your enthusiastic mental activity is contagious. You should go teach a class, write, or even perform a spoken word slam to express and empty your active mind. Do be especially conscious of miscommunication with your siblings or neighbors.

There's a way to stay passionate and strong in conviction without alienating. This house highlights your subconscious and parts kept hidden from the world.

Eclipses – 2000-2024

There is a part of you that stays cloaked behind Capricorn's mountain goat symbolism--serious, determined, responsible, and serious. Not many people get to see this side of you Maybe there is a little, secret Republican in you; what if anyone finds out? Get the idea? This area of your life is being torn up, with the outer, badass planets, Pluto and Saturn, in full presence.