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Birthday Analyser. This Birthday Analyzer can provide you a complete report about your horoscope profile.

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Search for your birth date and get a complete fact sheet about your birthday meaning! Assessment of personal birthday characteristics that contains 2 sections. First section is designated to assess in a subjective way 15 personal qualities by giving a status describing how the quality is presented in case of a person born on a specific date.

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While the second section is designated to assess in an subjective way the 5 lucky features love, money, health, family and friendship in life of someone born on a specific date. Health horoscope trying to define what health problems someone born on a specific date may confront through a subjective approach to the assigned zodiac sign and its characteristics.

Chinese zodiac details which presents Chinese zodiac animal and basic facts, Chinese zodiac animal characteristics in general, love, career and health, Chinese zodiac love compatibilities and incompatibilities and few famous people born with the same zodiac animal. Ephemeris presenting interesting information about the planets position for the date in question.

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Discover your numerology report based on your name and date of birth. Get remedies and solutions to your problems based on your kundli analysis. Discover various doshas forming in your kundli and their remedial measures.

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Understand how to balance your life during dosha period and their effects. Get Mantra to chant during dosha's period as per your kundli and horoscope dosha.

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At the date of birth, time and place, there is specific astronomical pattern in the heavens or sky. This sky model is recorded from a distinct geographical point. This documentation of planet-earth-sky pattern at the time of your birth is known as Kundli Chart.

Horoscope By Date Of Birth And Time

On the kundli, planets and their signs, house divisions and ascendant or rising sign is indicated. To interpret or analyse this kundli, four steps are given as follows. On a broad level, there are 4 steps for kundli analysis.

Astrology By Birth Date

Analyzing the kundli chart or chakra by learning basics of Vedic Astrology Horoscope interpetation. Synthesizing the multiple meanings or contradictory interpretations using divisional charts, kundli dasha and other horoscope analysis techniques to arrive at a self consistent whole. Forecasting personality, events and behaviour over time based on above two kundali analysis methods.