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Tarot 2020: The Meaning And Reading Behind Your Tarot Cards

A series of eclipses will light up your 5th house, which could indicate new projects, a significant change in your romantic status, or a baby.

Whatever happens, these surprises could bring about a total shift in your plans. At the end of , Jupiter will also take up residence in the 5th house, giving you a full year of romantic, creative, or baby bliss. Life is beginning to look sweet as can be as you move into This year brings recognition or a chance to grow your skills. Libra: Your positive thinking returns in This creates a happier, can-do mindset, which can move you through obstacles like a champ.

Better yet, your positivity could also find you attracting more of what you want this year. The key: focus on what you WANT and know that the Universe will work overtime to line things up for you.

Because the 3rd house is all about the mind, this year is highly favorable for Libras who are enrolled in school or who work in teaching, media, or communications. Jupiter in the 3rd also brings short trips and improved relationships with siblings and neighbors. This is important because Saturn and Pluto are lingering in your 4th house of home and family.

If relations with your loved ones has been icy, you may experience a few breakthroughs that could help mend the problems.

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This year may bring some issues around your physical home. Three eclipses will land in your 4th house this year and these could bring problems out into the open — or may mark a major change around your residence. Be sure to hire a good financial planner — they can help you make solid decisions for the extended period that Uranus hangs out here. By the time comes to an end, your whole living situation may be different. Because Jupiter will be heading into your 4th house by the end of December, it will be for your highest good.

The Universe will not let you down. Ace of Wands — A new beginning is possible. This might be a new job, creative venture, or relationship. Time to start fresh. Which means one thing: you can make it rain in! This could come through a raise, promotion, windfall, or other lucrative ventures.

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For those Scorpios who want to get out of debt, this year may bring you the resources to begin getting a handle on your monies once and for all. All in all, this year you finally stand to gain some financial peace of mind. One caveat: sometimes Jupiter may bring extravagance when it hangs around the 2nd house.

While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself, keep that in check, or you risk undoing your gains. They are resting in your 3rd house, giving you the discipline to study hard. If you tap into this mighty energy, you could achieve academic success. Not in school? It may be the right time to begin working on a book. Uranus will be in your 7th house starting March 29th, which means you may be craving more freedom in your relationships.

Over the next few years, you may decide to end certain partnerships or new ones may come into the picture that may take you in exciting directions. Sometimes this transit can bring unusual circumstances around relationships or opportunities to hobnob with unconventional friends and associates. Three eclipses will hit your 3rd house, providing you with opportunities to travel out of the blue. Short trips during these eclipses could be transformational so do go if the opportunities arise. When Jupiter joins forces with Saturn and Pluto in December, you will have many more chances to travel, both long and short distance for the upcoming year.

No matter where you go in the world in , Jupiter promises to make it a positive, uplifting experience.

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I just love, love, love doing tarot readings and everything else connected with tarot and astrology. Sun sign in Pisces Rising Cancer Moon in Sagittarius Ven. Cancer Horoscope. Cancer Decan 3 Horoscope. vedic astrology free report. pisces love tarot reading january alexandra tarot;; november 23

Sagittarius: The stars are aligned with you in so many ways, dear Sagittarius. April 10, Uncategorized. April 3, Uncategorized. She is also […]. March 27, Uncategorized. March 20, Uncategorized. Mitchell S. Survival […]. March 13, Uncategorized. Trainspotting was made into a film, you know. March 6, Uncategorized. Check out his self-titled album as well as the companion record Guided Journey. February 27, Uncategorized. Her novelette […]. February 20, Uncategorized. Both books are fantastic reads as Goldberg is a master of his craft.

February 13, Uncategorized. Gabriel Hart is the frontman of the band Jail Weddings. Sagittarius rules higher learning, and embarking on epic journeys of the mind can be one way to feed your wanderlust when your day-to-day feels uninspiringly small. A fear of being trapped can lead to irresponsible risk-taking, and a restlessness that leaves little room for leaving a lasting impact.

Feed your wild ponies with nuggets of knowledge while you recommit, again and again, to hiking the mountain trail less travelled. But beneath it all, this placement is also about understanding the difference between status-quo ambition and soul goals. Settle into the structures that help you craft your most passionate visions, while making sure you embrace enough flow to truly celebrate the treats at the top of the mountain.

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Seeking out groups who are connected by a common cause can be a way to meet like-minded individuals, all working to patchwork together a vision for society that makes space for everybody. Honoring your individual quirks as part of what makes you lovable is the inner work to focus on. Yet your greatest gifts is your ability to sit with the fullest range of collective feeling, embracing every shade of sadness and joy with equal empathy.

Your work is to accept your lessons, and step gracefully into your next evolution. Commit to feeling it all and trust that confronting it fully is how you can finally move on. Hold a high vision for what you can build together. Capricorn Season is an invitation to hike to your highest peaks, says Bess Matassa.

Dip your alpine booties in liquid diamonds and prepare for the uphill climb, stellar survivalists. In Capricorn season , with a pack of planets now direct and Saturn entering her native sign, this year the cosmos has truly saved the best for last …. The keyword: Decadence check out a luxury treat for your Saturn sign at the end of this post!

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The color palette: wintry classic and shimmery steel. Champagne, black velvet, deep chocolate, carmine, jade, and sparkling white.

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The scents and flavors: hard-earned, haute, and hedonistic. Think truffle butter, Chanel No.

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The healing: sumptuous yet structured. Body-rocking boot camps, spa weekends, ski lodge getaways, and creating your own capsule collection.

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New to astrology? Saturn in Aries Capricorn Season invites you to celebrate your singular identity and fight for your right to a healthy ego. Throw caution to the wind and your cards on the table. Saturn in Taurus Capricorn Season invites you to open the doors wide to sensuous pleasure and trust in your irrefutable worth. Let yourself drip with gemstones mined from deep in the earth. And when Venus harmonizes with Uranus in your eighth house of emotional and sexual intimacy on February 2, August 26, and November 28, you may be surprised by just how lovely it is to see your partner—and yourself—in a sexy new light.

While communicator Mercury is retrograde in your fifth house of romance from March 5 to 28, you could run into or find yourself daydreaming about lovers from the past. Than we'll doubt how genuine you are in loving us It has nothing to do with how much we love you. We are not mind readers, you need to speak up. No one just knows what you're thinking or feeling.

Cancer ~ New beginnings & happiness! ~ 2020 Tarot Forecast

Taurus Man and Aries Woman, Taking the lead! Someone here described me very well once saying that " even though the action can bring you laid back, yet your ego and emotions brings out the impatience a lot more". Posted by champranger Also, I don't think you can get a Taurus to adapt. You can show them reasons why they should. Posted by champranger Posted by elogean I have never dated a taurus man, but I have been in contact with one for a few month, what I can say is that we do communicate in a very different way.

For exemple, if something bother me, I will say it in a very direct and blunt way I am too impulsive to keep my feelings for myself.